Hi there, I’m Mike, and I work as both as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate with Durham University on the TransFIRe project and as a freelance consultant. I am a professional engineer who has gone on to develop an interest in inclusion and wellbeing.

Within this project, I work in the EDI team under Professor Sue Black on a 2.5 days per week basis. Outside of this I am the founder and director of Working Well Matters Ltd which provides training and consultancy in all aspects of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion and in many areas of Wellbeing such as Mental Health; Suicide First Aid, and Neurodiversity. I also provide input to organisations’ ISO Management Systems (health, safety, quality, environmental) to achieve success beyond just compliance. I work with organisations to bring about such success in the areas of people, planet and profit.

I have just started with TransFIRe (July 2022) and am looking to bring my global manufacturing and management consultancy experiences into this work. I believe that the challenge of net zero is not one that we can reach without informed and dedicated effort.

A major part of the plan for change towards net zero will be for us to recognise the many skills and attributes that there are within the six Foundation Industries. We will also have to accept that there are further, more diverse, skills that currently lay outside of these Industries. I look forward to not only investigating these areas, but also to working with the partners and colleagues to bring in beneficial changes to allow the teams to achieve more than just the sum of their parts. We need to work hard to conquer the challenges that lay ahead of us, and I am here to help us achieve that, together.

Do feel free to contact me at michael.thakoordin@durham.ac.uk, as I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about what we can do as a team.