Academic RISC was formed in November 2014 to address the barriers against greater academic involvement in solving National Security challenges.

We serve as the portal between the problem owners i.e. government, industrial suppliers, and the academic community.

How it works

Academic RISC disseminates requests and opportunities in security and resilience from government and industry to academia. We collate inputs from across the network for transmission back to the requesting party.

Academic RISC is currently chaired by Dr Annette Southgate and Professor Andrew Shortland, Cranfield University.

Network members

Network members are UK academic institutions active in areas relevant to security and resilience. They are represented by individual contact points who have a broad understanding of the activity within their institution, and can disseminate the communications from Academic RISC internally.

Join Academic RISC

Academic RISC is an open network and new institutions are welcomed to join. Please send requests to